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We offer the NSW Fair Trading’s compulsory CPD course and a variety of elective CPD courses via both classroom and online learning. In-house Group training is also available for groups of 5 or more. REINSW is an 'Approved CPD provider' as required by NSW Fair Trading.

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New CPD framework - what you need to know

There are no longer points for CPD, it is now determined by hours. CPD is no longer attached to your licence renewal.  

You can renew your licence with NSW Fair Trading when it is due without having completed any CPD hours. However, each year licensed agents need to undertake six hours of CPD training:

  • Three hours of compulsory* topics training prescribed by NSW Fair Trading (changes annually) and
  • Three hours of elective training which must be relevant to your area of practice.

The CPD year is a prescribed period 23 March – 22 March the following year. 

From March 2021 Licensees in Charge need to undertake an additional three hours of elective CPD training related to business management. (Nine CPD hrs in total)

Instead of the above CPD training, Assistant Agents are instead required to complete at least three units of competency from the Certificate IV qualification

*Only approved training providers such as REINSW can deliver the compulsory CPD topics training.

Still unsure of what you have to do? You can Learn more on the Fair Trading website or contact us.

Licence level


Class 1

Real Estate or Strata Management licence holder must complete at least nine hours of CPD each year:

a) 3 hours of compulsory CPD topics applicable to your licence category,
b) 3 hours of elective CPD topics, and
c) 3 hours of business skill topics

Stock and station licence holder must complete six hours of CPD each year:

a) 3 hours compulsory topics
b) 3 hours business skills topics

Class 2

Real Estate or Strata Management licence holder must complete six hours of CPD each year:

a) 3 hours of compulsory CPD topics applicable to your licence category, and
b) 3 hours of elective CPD topics

Stock and Station licence holder must complete at least 3 hours of compulsory CPD topics each year. You must complete 3 of the compulsory topics applicable to stock and station agents, and you can choose the elective topics that are most relevant to you.

Certificate of registration

Assistant real estate agents and assistant stock and station agents must complete at least three units from the CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice each year

Assistant strata managing agents must complete at least three units from the CPP40521 Certificate IV in Strata Community Management each year

Assistant stock and station agents who are conditioned to stock related activities only are required to complete three hours of compulsory CPD topics each year


Still unsure of what you have to do? You can Learn more on the Fair Trading website or contact us.



Real Estate Institute of NSW

REINSW offers the NSW Fair Trading’s compulsory CPD course and a variety of elective CPD courses. REINSW offers both online and in-classroom learning.

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Compulsory CPD Supervision Guidelines Introduction and Overview

sku Product SKU:  CPDC21_SG

This online CPD course is 1 hour compulsory CPD training.

The Supervision Guidelines for Real Estate Agencies is a comprehensive set of rules by which all real estate agencies must be run. The Office of Fair Trading has developed these guidelines since 2004 and update them regularly. It can seem daunting at first when you read the guidelines.

It’s important that you understand your obligations under Schedule 1 of the Property and Stock Agents Regulation 2014 (the General Rules of Conduct) - even though it may seem what constitutes a material fact is not at all straightforward.

This course provides an overview of the Supervision Guidelines and Code of Conduct.

Topics covered include:

  • An overview of the supervision guidelines as they relate to both class 1 licensees and other licensees.

  • More detail on each of the ten (10) Supervision guidelines

  • The rules Code of Conduct applicable to the individual participant’s licence class and type as detailed in schedules 2-6 of the Regulation, including but not limited to:

  • New application of rules to business broking transactions,

  • Requirements of assistant real estate agents and real estate agents when exercising the functions of a business or buyer’s agent or an onsite property manager,

  • Requirement to report suspected theft of livestock

  • Consequences of non-compliance with the Supervision Guidelines and/or Code of Conduct

If you would like to learn about the Supervision Guidelines in more detail contact [email protected] to learn about our other courses.

AUD 65.0000

Supervision Guidelines: Stronger better business

sku Product SKU:  CPDC21_SG_CI

This online course outlines the required key actions to set up a successfully supervised business that builds a solid brand reputation in the market.

As a Class 1 licensee, you are fully aware of your legal obligations under the Supervision Guidelines. You know a successfully supervised business will help build your brand and a trusted reputation in the market.

But where do you find time to determine and implement the practical steps to make this a reality? It’s not your core business or what you are good at, which it makes seem even more of a challenge. And you already have procedures in place, so how do you determine if they are compliant?

What if you had access to a clear interpretation of the Supervision Guidelines, developed by industry professionals just like you. How would step by step practical advice of what you need to implement, make the process simple and easy?

Introducing… Supervision Guidelines: Stronger better business

This online course outlines in simple language the required key actions you need to take to meet your legal duty under the NSW Fair Trading Act, covered in the Supervision Guidelines.

The course is broken down into 3 key areas.

CPD 1 –Licensee In Charge Obligations

These Guidelines topics will enable you to:

  • Apply best practice principles in your role as a Licensee In Charge
  • Determine and document required operational procedures
  • Manage Trust Accounts professionally and in line with requirements
  • Lead and train your staff to understand requirements

CPD 2 – Documentation and Records

This elective will enable you to:

  • Conduct ID checks that build robust prevention from fraud
  • Set up processes that embed trust and confidence in your client transactions
  • Ensure your sales process is legally solid and client focussed

CPD 3 – Operational Effectiveness

These Guidelines topics will enable you to:

  • Understand efficient record keeping practices
  • Manage, resolve and record complaints quickly and effectively
  • Keep track of gifts and benefits for transparency

The benefit of running your agency to be compliant with the Supervision Guidelines is a stronger and better organised business, more resistant to typical risks in agency practice. The loss of trust and reputation can often cost you and your agency far more than any penalties from non-compliance. Are you willing to take the risk, and the potential huge penalties?


AUD 300.0000

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How can REINSW training help? 

REINSW Training has both Compulsory and Elective CPD training available online, classroom or virtual classroom you can enrol individually online or we offer in-house group training and we can come to your office or venue to train your whole team at a time suitable for all.  

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